One Tool For Your Entire
5, 6, or 7-Figure Online Business

Faster, Easier, & 10x Cheaper

The Content Creator MACHINE is for anyone who wants to add more capabilities to their business while saving thousands in software fees and countless hours using ONE tool for their entire business at just $97/month!

The Content Creator MACHINE Product Box

Create Passive Income From Your Knowledge

Faster, Easier, & Cheaper With One Tool

The Online Course Builder is the only system you can run an entire business on (and is only $40 per month!)

The Online Course Builder Product Box

Most Other Content Creators Fail...

Because they get caught up in technical complexity and crushing software fees

Time Spent on non-income producing activities

Most content creators are dealing with technical problems or are a prisoner to tech contractors instead of focusing on what matters!

High cost

(Increases Barrier To Entry)
Even the most basic course hosting app or sales funnel builder costs $200 and up, CRIPPLING new online business owners!

Wiring together confusing software

takes a ton of time to set up. A constant headache and at anytime something could break ultimately losing you members income!

Introducing The...

The Only App Where You Can Build
An Entire 7 or 8 Figure Business In Just One Tool...
That Will Never Cost More Than $97/mo (or $81/mo if paying yearly)

Beginner friendly

(Zero Advanced Tech Skills Required)

Delivers the BEST, fastest, & easiest course creation process with incredible video tutorials & support team

Transition your entire company in 4-6 hours.

Our team jumps on Zoom with you
for fastest setup speed for entire course business

Everything you need to run a 7-8 figure company

Whether you are brand new or have an established empire!

ONE APP To Replace Them All

Build UNLIMITED Sales Funnels, Websites, & Landing Pages

Unlimited: Easy to use course funnel builder and web page builder with no limitations.

Pre-Installed Templates:

(This alone saves you thousands of dollars and hours of time)

Funnels that we have tested and refined to generate over 8+ million dollars for our own companies.

UNLIMITED Course Hosting

Host Unlimited Products: Create video courses, group coaching programs, and memberships.

Market & Monetize your Knowledge: Course hosting is integrated with all the marketing, sales, and CRM tools to make gaining new members effortless.


Create & manage UNLIMITED online communities:
A hub for discussion, learning, networking, and knowledge-sharing

Good For Courses, Group Coaching, & influencers: Allows learners to engage in focused discussions, share insights, ask questions, and collaborate on projects

Good For Video Agencies: Communities for your clients, separate groups for different services or campaigns for efficient coordination about project updates, performance metrics, and other relevant discussions

More On The Way: Host live streams & engaging events, Customize your groups with your branding, Create/Assign community user roles, and more! 

Email Marketing & Automation

Save hours daily: Automate your email marketing and spend more time on your courses.

Blasts & Automations: Send one-time email blasts, or automate multi-touch sequences based on customer & member behavior.

Pre-Installed Email Templates & Automations: Our exact emails & automations that we use in our business!

(This alone saves you thousands of dollars and DAYS of work)

YOUR Facebook & Google/YouTube Ad Data All In ONE Dashboard

Pure Focus: Keep an eye on the pulse of your profits without wasting time leaving the app

YOUR Facebook & IG Messanger Dashboard

Never miss another message: All your facebook & Instagram messages organized inside the app

DM Funnels: Create powerful DM funnels and automations

Calendar Scheduler

Scheduler On Auto-Pilot: A scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails, automating leads to schedule calls with you and your team

Connect Your Zoom, Stripe & Google Calendar accounts: When someone books a call with you or your team, a zoom call or google meet is created automatically

It also considers everything else that is on your calendar so that nothing overlaps!

Even Connect Stripe & our powerful Forms feature to collect payment and information when clients book

Any Automation you can imagine: Integrate your calendar with CRM, email, and SMS automations to build whatever you need

FREE onboarding

(a $500+ Value for free)

One-On-One Set Up!

Our Team Sets Up Your Account FREE!

We'll work with you as long as it takes to get your company up and running


Move From Other Platforms :

We'll work with you as long as it takes to move you over from all your other platforms.

Up and running 10x faster!

Obliterate any learning curve or guess work. Our team takes care of everything with you!

INSANE FREE Dedicated 24/7 Chat & Video Support

Live Chat & Live Zoom Support With Real Humans:

Unlimited support! Get the support you need, right when you need it!

You can jump on with our team ANY time of day, 2 AM Melbourne time, doesn't matter!

We respond in minutes, sometimes seconds🔥

Side-by-Side Support

Get strategy and help, our team directly accessing your CC Machine account!

Step-by-step Tutorial Videos IN the chat window: Blow through technical set up 10x faster WITHOUT HAVING TO THINK

Extreme & Up-To-Date Support Library: The most robust support library in the game, hands down... easily searchable & ever-expanding.

Content Creator MACHINE Mastery Course

(a $698 Value for free)

Complete Video Walkthroughs: Never miss a step with our in-depth video tutorials.


Real-Time Screen Share Guidance: Feel like you have a personal mentor right by your side. Experience the power of live screen sharing, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Advanced Content Creation Techniques: Elevate your content game! Learn our 8-figure best-kept secrets and strategies to stand out in your market.

Benefit from proven templates, tools, and resources that'll save you time and supercharge your content creation journey.

The List Goes On!

(All these features coming soon)

Collect customer reviews
(Like Trust Pilot!)

Your Own Chat Widgets
(Think ManyChat)

Forms & Surveys (So-long Jotform!)

Video Hosting

(Goodby Wistia, Vimeo, etc.)

Collect Sales Tax (Highly requested & required in Canada and EU)

And More!

RESULTS people are getting with

The Content Creator MACHINE...

Choose Your Plan



(Join now and lock this limited time price in forever!)

*+ applicable taxes

Yearly (Save 20%)

$97/mo $81/mo*

Billed Annually

(Join now and lock this limited time price in forever!)

*+ applicable taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Content Creator MACHINE & what is included when I sign up?

Content Creator MACHINE is a comprehensive tool for enhancing business efficiency. It offers unlimited access to build sales funnels, websites, and landing pages, hosts video courses, and automates email marketing. It integrates ad data and messaging dashboards for Facebook and Google, includes an automated calendar scheduler, and enables the creation of online communities. Additionally, it offers free onboarding and dedicated 24/7 chat and video support.

How is this different than Kajabi, Clickfunnels, etc.?

If it's not clear above, this is the most beginner friendly (zero advanced tech skills required), fastest setup speed for entire course business (4-6 hours), and most affordable ($97/mo) tool that exists on the planet. The end.

It contains must-have online business functionality with high customization capabilities (Marketing, Analytics, Hosting) and helps you deliver the BEST tools increasing success rates.

The Content Creator MACHINE is also the only system built by 7-figure content creators. This offers everything Kajabi, Click Funnels, Active Campaign, etc. offers plus other crucial features that these are missing. Also this is optimized to work seamlessly with our 7-figure course creation process, group coaching process, content strategist process, and overall online business process- PLUS it is a FRACTION of the cost.

Clickfunnels doesn't provide the tools you need as a course creator, coach, content creator, content strategist, or anyone who wants to do over 4-5 figures. It's focused on general direct response marketers. Mainly sales funnels. But for 300/mo it's only 25% of the tools you need. For example, that's why something like Kajabi was much better for course creators. Because you can host your courses MUCH easier there, but you still have an email automation problem now.

Then there's one that's just focused on having the best cart pages. But the real players know that a hyper optimized checkout page is just a shiny object...

So we took all those complaints and fixed it by creating The Content Creator MACHINE for our community.

What is the refund policy?

You are able to cancel at any time to prevent any future charges. There is a 7 day refund policy. Any payments made beyond 7 days are non-refundable, and we do not provide credits for partially used subscription periods. We maintain the right to reject refund requests from anyone who abuses our Refund Policy.

Can I build or sell anything online with this?

Hell yeah! Basically you have more tools than most other apps do just about anything. Our focus with this is to serve content creators and be the best at that.

I mean right now I'm selling you an app with this thing...

What features are currently available?

All the features listed above (and probably more by the time you are reading this).

Is there a community feature to enable subscription-based communities or free communities for my programs?

Yes this feature is coming soon! You will be able to... 

- Host live streams & engaging events.
- Customize your groups with your branding.
- Create/Assign community user roles.
- And more! 

This looks amazing. Does it have affiliate and Shopify integration?

Yes this is coming soon. We also have a chat app integration for Shopify coming as well

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